Patapaa In Fresh Trouble — After Painful VGMA Snub He’s Now Being Mocked For His Pronunciation Of Chris Brown (Video)

‘One Corner’ hitmaker Patapaa Amisty has become a nonstop trending entity the past few days. Everything he does is hilarious in a way and Ghanaians just love laughing at people.

From his ‘trendy’ suit worn to the VGMA to his inability to win the most popular song of the year award and his subsequent angry interview accusing Charterhouse of bribery, Patapaa has been a veritable source of comedy.

The ‘One Corner’ star is still making the interview rounds and his most recent interview has brought another source of mockery down on his head.

Whilst complaining to Kofi Adoma about his song being snubbed he gave all the reasons why he should have won, even mentioning Chris Brown has talked about his song.

However, his method of mentioning ‘Chris Brown’ has gotten Ghanaians talking and once again, Patapaa is the object of mockery.

Listen to him below….

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