(PHOTOS) Heartwarming Moment As DJ Abrantee Is Discharged From Hospital After Close To A Year Battling Stroke

Some great news for the showbiz fratenity as DJ Abrantie has finally been discharged from hospital in the U.K.

Abrantie if you’ll recall abruptly fell sick a while ago and was hospitalized, getting bad to the point that many called for prayers for him.

It turned out he had contracted stroke and was battling to regain use of his body at the St. John & St. Elizabeth hospital in the U.K.

He has now been discharged which is great news considering how bleak his situation got. According to reports both his mum and girlfriend were there for his glorious release from the hospital he had spent far too much time in.

Abrantie is expected to continue rehabilitation at home with professional help and that of his family but at the moment it’s just great to hear he is out of the hospital.

Photos of his discharge below…


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