PHOTOS: MUSIGA Makes Donation To Kwadee After Reports His Family Had Neglected Him For Years

Nothing ever happens as it should in this country. Instead of putting the right structures in place to take care of people, we instead love to wait for them to get into trouble, suffer unnecessarily before everyone now comes to pretend they care so much.

It’s the same thing we’re seeing right now with all the donations towards the Midland assault victim.

We’re taking care of her but what about many others who suffer the same fate without media attention? Those people get no justice!

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After recent media reports that Kwadee had been abandoned by his family at a rehab centre for the past few years, the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) paid him a visit.

The MUSIGA delegation donated several items to Kwadee including bottled water and some drinks.

The donation was reportedly sponsored by Kasapreko.

Kwadee-Rehad Musiga-Donation-Kwadee-2

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