PHOTOS: Screenshots CONFIRM Ibrah One Took $400,000 From One Gabriel Heloo — Same Guy Who Later Snitched On Him To Police For His Arrest

The arrest of millionaire and social media celebrity Ibrah One set the country on fire a few days ago when it occurred.

Ibrah One was arrested after a tip off by a friend, one Gabriel Heloo, whom he had taken allegedly taken $400,00 and not paid back.

Ibrah was reportedly being held on charges of fraud and money laundering and was supposed to face trial in the U.S, but he has since come out to deny that he was ever arrested.

And yet, leaked screenshots appear to show him and another friend discussing his debt to Heloo and his plans to pay the money back.

How this all fits into the new story that he was never arrested is anyone’s guess.

Photos below…





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