(PICTURE) A Copy Of Fuse ODG’s “Rip Off” Contract With eShun Leaked


The management of Ghanaian female artiste, eShun recently accused a colleague UK based Ghanaian artiste, Fuse ODG for handing out a bad contract to their artiste and termed it as a “rip-off” deal.

eShun in a recent interview on Hitz FM disclosed that the contract was very bad and will go in favour of only Fuse ODG and for that matter, most of the artistes involved such as Feli Nuna did not sign the contract.

“It was a bad contract and I’m not the only one. Feli Nuna hasn’t signed hers. And from the last time I spoke with Selassie, she also had issues with the contract so we told him it isn’t right so we asked that some changes are done”, eShun has said on several platforms.

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However, a chance was given to Fuse ODG to speak in an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM. He said he knows nothing about what eShun came out to disclose because she never told him whether the contract was bad or not.

“I wanna create a platform for other countries to listen to Ghanaian music. The idea is to have a different artiste on a song. I don’t know about [Eshun not happy with the contract]. The lawyer has to go through it so they get back to me”, Fuse told Andy Dosty.

A copy of the deal believed to be the contract given by Fuse ODG to the three female artistes including eShun has been leaked.

See the contract below:


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