Princess Shyngle: This Should Be F**king Illegal—It’s Insane and Probably Dangerous

I do not want for a minute want to be a woman in this world—and this is because of the sort of pressures I believe women are under, to carve unrealistic shapes out of their bodies.

Princess Shyngle suffered kidney disease not long ago. Though this was attributed to her confirmed use of waist trainers, she denied any sort of connection between her waist trainers use and her kidney problem.

Even if it’s not true that she has health issues because of her ‘abuse’ of waist trainers, she herself has become a danger to young women and it’s time someone tells her to f*ck off with that body.

What kind of tiny waist line is this? I mean we all know, and she states constantly that it’s artificially created. This is the sort of images young women are aspiring to, all over on social media as this has become the new fabulous.

As a man, I do not find this beautiful: in fact, I see it as insane—tiny waist and huge ass should not become what’s gorgeous among an intelligent civilisation.

It shouldn’t be what any woman aspires to have because even the methods involved in carving this, are mostly dangerous.

Probably, it’s all a factory of shit—I mean that backside she so much take pride in.

She proudly shared this photo on Instagram, to the admiration of her followers.

What do you guys think?

Princess Shyngle

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