Rev Obofour Fires Latest Shot In His Battle Of Riches With Bishop Obinim As He Shows Off His Brand New 2018 Rolls Royce Phantom

Think about it — two pastors in Ghana are engaged in a battle to determine who’s richer, and they are doing so by showing off their cars and properties.

Essentially they are bragging over who has the most power to fleece their poor congregations who keep coming back to bring them the small money they have.

Recently Rev Obofour bragged that he would soon purchase the latest Rolls Royce model in town and he’s now announced he has now got his hands on his new baby.

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The car, a Rolls Royce Phantom, is a 2018 model and is said to be worth circa $500,000.

How ‘mere’ pastors amass such kind of wealth only the gullible masses can tell you.

Watch video of him outdooring his car below…

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