Shatta Wale’s Tells His Hustling Story In New Single ‘Testimony’ And Names Kwame Despite As A Role Model [LISTEN]

Shatta Wale is many things – arrogant, uncouth and a lot of the time he’s so high he doesn’t even know where he is but he’s also one of the most popular musicians on the local scene, if not the most popular.

And he certainly has had a tough time getting to the top, having suffered for years as Bandana before his ‘rebirth’ as Shatta catapulted him to the top.

Following his trending single ‘Amount’ and it’s accompanying video Shatta has dropped another single dubbed ‘Testimony’.

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‘Testimony’ is an ode to his journey to the top and how he has overcome constant critiques.

Wale also names Despite as his role model whose affluence he definitely wants to match.

Check out ‘Testimony’ below…

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