So-Called Prophets Killed Ebony To Prove Their Power And They Now Want To Kill Me — Shatta Wale

To say that many prophets have become famous based on the death of Ebony Reigns would be an understatement. Everyone and their mother claims they saw this death before they happened.

Kwaku Bonsam recently argued that some of these prophets give out these prophecies and use occult powers to make them come true.

Shatta Wale also believes that is what is happening and he says the pastor who prophesied his death will go to a shrine to make that happen.

In a new Facebook Live video, he warns that he’s not going to sit down for a pastor to kill him and he’s going to go on the offence first.

Addressing the President, Wale said with his life being threatened, he’s also going to fight back.

He also accused them of using the same tactic to kill Ebony.

“Mr. President I’m being threatened, my life is at stake and I can’t wait for a Pastor to go to a shrine to come and prove a point. I want to prove a point about who God is. You see this Pastor, if you have power come and look for me otherwise I will come and show you power mightier than your church, mightier than your car, mightier than your house, mightier than your entire family and generation.” he said.

“Pastor you stepped on a wrong tail. I won’t even call you a Pastor, I will call you a thief and a murderer. You people killed Ebony.” he added.

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