Stop Working So Hard And Find Time To Chop Down Samira — Akrobeto’s Funny Advice To Vice President Bawumia

Recently, second lady Samira Bawumia came out to ‘praise’ her husband, claiming that he works so hard for the country.

Whilst some might see in that a compliment, Akrobeto sees that as an appeal from Samira for Bawumia to also reserve some time for her.

Thus the veteran tv presenter has advised the second gentleman of the land to make time for his wife, to pay attention to her and to chop her down, among other things.

According to him Rome (Ghana) was not built in a day therefore he can cut back on his workload a little.

“If you work, you need to also go home and spend time with the family because Rome was not built in a day. If Ghana will prosper it will not take a day to happen. So, get a time for your wife because she is proving a point,” Akrobeto said.

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