Struggling Musician-Petrah’s KVIP Pose is the New Definition of Sexy

Despite the fact that I love my writing job, being the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com has its own hazards—and it includes being bombarded with ridiculous photos like these of Petrah, being peddled as s*xy to you for publication.

My E-mail beeped, and when I opened it, a message accompanying these photos from the PR folks of Petrah read:

“Petrah Looking All Chic And Sexy In New Pictures. 

Super hot Ghanaian female vocalist, Petrah who is signed to Manner Records has released new photos from her recent shoot. As usual she slays in these new photos as she shows off her new chic look in jeans and a pair of black boots.

Check out photos of the delightful songstress who just dropped her latest single, ‘Badder’;”

So someone’s daughter that she carried for good 9 months,  I mean a completely sane person, spent her time and money to pose and pay for these pictures—and a bunch of probably jobless folks claiming to be PR guys are calling it s*xy and chic.

That’s a goddam KVIP pose.

If you are indeed a musician, make some good music and stop these slay queen nonsense—we have enough of your kind already.

You guys play too much!


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