Tattoos Give Me ORG*SMS- Jasmine Baroudi; Maybe The Ladies Who Fake It Should Get Inked

Maybe pain is a thing of the mind and orgasmic after all— at least we have someone who has had a first had experience affirming this stance.

Mother of one and actress Jasmine Baroudi says though tattoos are painful, she for some strange reasons get orgasms anytime she sets herself up for one.

“I do actually like tattoos. If it wasn’t for my mum, I would have probably covered my whole body with tattoos. The pain yeah, people ask me, Jasmine, ‘you have so many tattoos are they not painful?.

“They are extremely painful depending on where you get it. Some are painful some are not. I don’t know if I should say this on TV, but whenever I am having a tattoo, I get orgasms. I was worried; this is out of this world. I read about it and apparently, it is natural.”

On Moesha Budoung infamous interview with Amanpour of CNN, she said she works her butts off to pay her rent and a host of her friends do same too but then again if that is what she does (Moesha), there was no need to say it out loud and put all Ghanaian and African women into a single box.

“I am a hardworking Ghanaian woman and I pay my rent. I have friends who equally do same. I don’t know about the slay queens.

“If that is what you do personally, and it makes you happy fine. You can talk about yourself but you don’t generalize it and make the whole world know this is how Ghanaian and African girls are.

That’s disrespect. Even if it is true you don’t say that in public.”




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