The Best Feeling Is Knowing When You’ll Die — Counsellor Lutherodt




Controversial marriage counsellor, George Lutherodt has said that the best feeling is knowing when you will die. Even though the majority of Ghanaians have lambasted prophets predicting the death of celebrities but counsellor as usual of him has a different view.

The controversial counsellor in an interview with Mike 2 on Adom FM’s Entertainment Hall stated that the greatest gift in life is to know when and how one would die.

Counsellor Lutherodt was relating his opinion to Ghanaians who criticised some prophets who claimed they prophesied the death of female dancehall artiste, Ebony Reigns.

According to counsellor George Lutherodt, the best feeling one can ever get is to know when he or she would depart the earth.

Counsellor Lutherodt defending the Prophets of doom said:

“If someone prophesies into your life that you will die in the next two weeks, it’s the best thing because no one knows when they will die.

“If you read the Bible before anyone dies, they are informed so they put their things in place”.

He advised Ghanaians to desist from insulting and attacking those prophets if they do not believe in their doomsday prophecies.

“Some stupid people play with men of God. If a fetish priest talks, everyone keeps quiet. It’s the best prophecy if we all knew when we would die”.

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