The Ten Mistakes Of Zylofon Media — Brilliantly And Humorously Explained


Zylofon Media has a lot of cash but not a lot of sense, and GhanaCelebrities.Com are not the only ones to have seen this truth.

Everything they seem to do these days becomes a fiasco, from Bulldog’s Rambo style raid on Stonebwoy and Willie Roi’s sycophantic throwing out of a critical pundit.

Even on social media the company is being panned for being a clueless outfit and one of our favourite critiques so far is outlined by Kwabena Nsafoa on Facebook.

In a critical yet humorous post, Nsafoa lists the ten mistakes made by the label which is making things so hard for them.

Check out the list below…number ten is really the catchiest one.

10 Mistakes of Zylofon Media..

1. It has turned out to be a ‘circus’ assembling superstars to highlight the extravagant lifestyle of the CEO than to harness talents..

2. There seems to be management deficiency and their poor PR gymnastics is very costly..

3. Their CEO getting entangled in controversy after Ebony’s death was insensitive and unpardonable..

4. They should have seen it coming the uneasiness to have Shatta Wale and Stoneboy in one camp.. and if spicing up their rivalry was a publicity stunt then, it has woefully failed..

5. To have embattled and serial puglist Bulldog, as ‘whatever’ in the media house was definitely going to make it repulsive for certain artists to settle in..

6. The image of the media house is so much submerged in attention seeking and individualism than being detached professionally..

7. They seems to have sidestepped traditional ethics and clueless about the so called something new they want to introduce..

8. They are seeming to behave like 90s violent Deathrow Records.. gangsterism, disregarding legal approach when contracts are broken and..

9. Their disregard of sensitivities and entrenched blocs certain artists represents will cost them dearly..

10. Their mouthful name definitely wahala for us in Kumasi.

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