The Very Definition Of S*xy Is Being Suitable For S*x- Reno Omokri’s Message To “YAANOM”

Reno Omokri, loudmouthed lawyer and an author is on with his rants this morning and he is shaking a lot of tables we bunch fault to.

The man may not be loved for his consistent bluntness and president Buhari is a man in a better position to affirm this. He has been tearing into him and his government in all the ways there is.

But unlike some of these loudmouth people we have, who are nothing more than empty barrels ( I am in no way saying counsellor Lutterodt spews garbage), Reno actually says it how it is in a more precise way.

In a series of tweets, he first talked about how one should allow themselves to ride on the delusion that by having a big head, they would be sensible or will have the brains.

“Having a big head does not automatically make you brilliant and having big bum and cleavage does not automatically make you a wife material.

“While physical qualities are important, the best men look at them and then look beyond them in choosing whom they will marry #RenosNuggets.”

A major sign you are living a fake life is when you go into debt to buy designer clothes. Designers make their clothes expensive so only those with disposable income can afford it. When you start going into debt to buy them, it is your future you make disposable #RenosNuggets

— Reno Omokri (@renoomokri) April 20, 2018

If your aim is to be s*xy, don’t worry, you will get lots of s*x. The very definition of s*xy is being suitable for s*x. But why not upgrade yourself from s*xy to lovely so that you can be suitable for love? Dress lovely. Act lovely. Being s*xy is a downgrade #RenosNuggets

— Reno Omokri (@renoomokri) April 20, 2018

If your pastor tells you he had a revelation on who you should marry, ask him to close his church and set up a match making business. Even God doesn’t interfere with who you choose to marry. He leaves the choice to you. You alone face the consequences of your choice #RenosNuggets

— Reno Omokri (@renoomokri) April 20, 2018

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