There Is Nothing I Have Not Done, Mikel Obi Has Not Spoken To Me In 5 Years- Mikel’s Father

Nigeria’s defensive midfielder Mikel Obi’s father has revealed that his son, Mikel has not spoken to him for the past five years when we all thought his kidnapping will be a way to put everything behind them.

Papa Obi in an interview with Daily Trust spoke about how he was kidnapped and how his kidnappers treated him as compared to the same ordeal he suffered in 2011.

“We slept on the ground, and for the five days we were with them, there was heavy rain for three. It drenched us under a tree. It was only once that they brought us Okpa and pure water. Miraculously, I was never hungry. My thoughts were on how to get home safe.

“Those first kidnappers did not treat me as badly as these ones. Though I stayed in a bunker for 11 days during the first, they gave me food and the only time they beat me was when they captured me.”

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According to him, though the ransom was paid by Mikel, he has no relationship with him and the only times he calls are times he wants to speak to his mum.

“It is an issue, but we don’t know what to do. It’s over five years now without a phone call from him to me. But he communicates with his mother. There is nothing I have not done to fix it. God has told me that I should not feel hurt. When we start to talk about it, I say, ‘Well, as long as I see him on TV, doing great, no problem.”


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