Trolling Wendy Shay’s Hair Has Even Won Her An Endorsement Deal — Bullet Reveals

There’s nothing like bad publicity, the old saying goes. That adage is never truer than in Ghanaian showbiz, where trending for negative reasons is the norm rather than the exception.

Recently, RuffTown records’ latest gem Wendy Shay was trolled hard on social media for apparently not changing her wig for as much as three months. Since she came onto the scene, some very observant Ghanaians have noticed she’s always sporting the same hairdo.

Thus she was trolled for allegedly having smelly hair and asked to change it, but Bullet jumped to her defence, claiming she changes the hair but she likes the style which she keeps as part of her brand.

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Responding to the issue on Hitz Fm Tuesday, Bullet said the attention on Shay’s hair has even landed her an endorsement deal which he’s going to announce soon.

“It’s her braid and not a wig. She loves curly hair. There is even an endorsement deal coming out. We will announce it soon. It’s coming out trust me.” he said.

“And now people are getting to meet her. You need to maintain a style and when people get to know you then you switch it up. In the beginning that’s how it goes…”

Bullet also promised that a new single from Shay would be dropping soon.

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