‘Uber Driver’ Is A Road Safety Campaign Song And Not Profane — Bullet ‘Smartly’ Replies Abeiku Santana

Following an attack from Abeiku Santana that he only writes ‘profane’ songs, Bullet has responded and clarified the message of ‘Uber Driver’, Wendy Shay’s massive hit which he wrote.

According to Bullet, the song is a road safety tune and definitely not a profane hit like Santana tried to claim.

“Uber driver by Wendy shay is a road safety campain song and not profane.stop watching women buttocks while driving cos it can lead u to accident!don’t watch buttocks and drive.” Bullet wrote on his facebook page.

The single, performed by Rufftown records’ Shay, talks about gargantuan a$$es and men’s love for them.

Santana tagged it a morally corrupt song, wondering why most of Bullet’s songs follow that trend.

“What kind of songwriter is he. Why can’t he emulate some of the good songs which talk about moral values”. Santana said.

But Bullet has rapidly fired back, claiming the song has a completely different message from what’s being implied.

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