UPDATE — Gifty Osei’s Current Manager Categorically Denies Being The One Who Defrauded Her

Recently Empress Gifty found her way back into the media headlines after a video of her attacking her ‘manager’ went viral.

In the video, Empress rained curses on the person whose name she didn’t mention for allegedly ‘chopping’ her hard earned money.

She said over the supposed person has been going behind her back for her money without her consent.

GhanaCelebrities.Com reported on the video and mentioned that the person was her manager.

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However, the current manager of Gifty Osei, Stephen Kenneth Nakujah, has reached out to us and denied being the one she was talking about in the video.

According to him, the one in question is someone Empress has never worked with before who has found ways and means of defrauding her which is what made her so pissed off.

Therefore the manager in question is evidently different from the gospel singer’s current manager, Stephen Nakujah, which the full video Gifty Osei uploaded bears out.

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