(WATCH VIDEO) Afia Schwarzenegger Says “God Has Special Punishment For All Politicians” And She’s Damn Right

By the year 2020, the majority of Ghanaians wouldn’t give a hoot about politicians or join long queues in the scorching sun to vote for them with honest reasons that politicians aren’t doing enough to make lives better.

Afia Schwarzenegger who threw her weight behind the National Democratic Congress (NDC) during the 2016 general elections has now come to her ‘senses’ that politicians aren’t what they seem to be.

She is now invoking the wrath of God on Ghanaian politicians–she says there is a special punishment from God for all politicians in the country.

According to loudmouthed Afia, politicians throw dust in the eyes of voters to make it sound that they have them at heart which is never the case.

She is of the brutal view that claims by politicians that they sacrifice for the ordinary voter or Ghanaian are false.

She added that politicians out of greed to remain longer in office use money to deceive delegates as well as voters during elections.

Afia quizzed:

“What kind of sacrifice is that expensive? Some of you bribe delegates. Some even go for loans in order to pay their way to the top so If you say you are sacrificing for the people, it is all lies. What kind of sacrifice will you offer and expect nothing in return? God will punish you, people, God has a special punishment for you people”.

Watch the video below.

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