(WATCH VIDEO) Instagram ‘Slay Queen’ Demonstrates The Various S*x Positions Given To Men In Exchange For Iphones–The Iphone X S*x Position Will ‘Burst’ Your Brains

We have come to an era where at the hearing of s*x makes men sign the cheque or do the unexpected to get the tonga to ‘chop’ and the ‘slay queens’ have capitalised on men’s obsession with s*x to their advantage.

A typical example is our own ashawobrity Moesha Budoung who service men with s*x in return of material and financial gains–there are a bunch of them out there who are also in the ashawo business.

In a video sighted by Ghanacelebrities.com on Instagram, a ‘slay queen’ who obviously trades her body for material gains was captured demonstrating the various ‘wild’ s*x positions given to the men who can afford from iPhone 5s to iPhone X–the iPhone X s*x position is the craziest and dangerous of all.

In the video, she started the demonstration from iPhone 5s which happens to be a normal s*x position on a couch, then from iPhone 6s to iPhone X.

So obviously, the man who can afford iPhone X gets the craziest s*x position.

Watch the video below.

#KwabenaDaaHeneTV WATCH! Sex positions some girls give in exchange for an iPhone…Does it actually happens for real tho? #viral #funny #videooftheday . . . #KwabenaDaaHene👑 #TheAceBlogger #iRedEntertainment #DaaHeneTV

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