What Is This If Not Madness? Akuapem Poloo Admits She Made Up Rape Allegations Against Medikal Just To Trend

A rape allegation as a joke? Where are all the feminist groups screaming at Poloo for demeaning the gravity of an issue like rape?

Furthermore, what the hell is wrong with this girl? Using a rape allegation to trend is the lowest of the low.

She’s lucky Medikal would probably brush it off but he shouldn’t, he should take her on and stop her madness.

Akuapem Poloo, who over the weekend shockingly claimed that Medikal attempted to rape her, has admitted the accusation was made up and that she just did it to trend.

According to her she met Medikal who admitted to her that he loved her videos and she promised to make one for him.

“Oh, Rosemond Brown; I’ve been watching your videos each and every day, five times a day before I sleep.” she said Medikal told her when they met.

“And I said oh really. And I told him that I will give him a video… [Medikal is] aware that I will do a video for him but he didn’t know what I was going to say in the video…”

So that video she promised him turned out to be the allegation of rape!

According to her, she doesn’t plan her videos and she just says what comes to mind which she thinks would trend.

“I just stand up and do the video, and I do a trending one. I can be with you right now and when I do it, you would think I am mad” she said on Neat Fm Monday.

“It’s just a joke and he knows that it is a joke. And I informed him before doing the video”

Medikal, however, has called for an apology from her for tarnishing his image. Obviously when she said she’ll do a video for him he couldn’t have known her attention addicted brain would accuse him of rape!

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