When It Is Coming…. Benedicta Gafah Runs Off Camera After MzGee Asked Her If She Has A Sponsor ‘Buy Buying’ Everything For Her — We Wonder Why??


Moesha Boduong has truly opened up a portal where it has now become easier to talk about the lifestyles some of these female celebrities.

Some of them are being queried now and they cannot provide answers so they are running away.

Benedicta Gafah was asked by MzGee whether she’s enjoying her life with the help of some ‘sponsor’ who anything she asks he buys for her and that question turned her into an Olympic sprinter.

Gafah walked off the interview stage then, which took place at the red carpet of last week’s VGMAs.

So why did she run when asked if there was someone ‘sponsoring’ her?

Watch below…

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