When The Legends Fight — Hammer & Kaywa Go To War Over Definition Of A ‘Hit’ Song

Two of the greatest sound engineers in Ghanaian history, Hammer of the Last Two and Kaywa, are currently in a war of words over the correct definition of something as basic as a hit song.

Kaywa initially defined what a hit song is but his answer was later shredded by Hammer, who gave his own understanding of the term.

Sarkodie recently said that getting a hit song is actually a very easy thing to do. According to him there are many artists who can release a hit song but actually staying relevant as a top artist requires building a great brand.

That led to Kaywa’s views on his comment being solicited, which led the legendary producer to say: “[A] hit song has to appeal to a larger audience, has to stay in the system for a while or stand the test of time and should have a great production, great videos and great lyrics.”

However, Hammer has also debunked that definition and said what Kaywa means is a classic.

“Kaywa is confusing classic with a hit song.” he said.

“Classic is the song that survives the test of time and not a hit song… a hit song is a hit song. What makes up a hit song is basically simplicity. Simplicity helps a song go all out. You do not need to have very great idea to come out with a hit song, a hit song is relative. A song like ‘Gamgam style’ has no content but it was just about the dance. You don’t need have too much knowledge to come out with a hit song.

“But a classic is a classic so in Kaywa’s submission, what he meant was a classic not a hit song. In my submission the popularity of the song rather makes it a hit. Once majority of the people love it, it becomes a hit song.

“There are great songs which don’t make the news but gradually grows in your heart and over time becomes a good song but they don’t enjoy the attention hit songs get. They become hit songs eventually but ultimately they become classics. A hit song is song that burst out and get all the attention.” Hammer added.

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