Why Religion Is Nonsense — Afia Schwarzenegger Can Behave Like An Animal One Day Then Become The Holiest The Next Day (Video)

Honestly how anything takes religious people serious is beyond me. People do everything they are not supposed to do then the next day they come out writing on social media about God this and God that and we’re supposed to all go along about how holy they are.

Afia Schwarzenegger is singing gospel on Instagram this morning but for someone who is non religious, why the hell would you ever want to look at Afia Schwar and choose the God she worships?

Afia spent the latter part of yesterday in a brutal war of words with another ambassador of Christ, Prophet Nicholas Osei aka Kumchacha. These two insulted each other live on air and later outside the premises of the radio station they were at.

After such childish and uncouth behaviour, Afia is back on social media this morning singing praises to her God.

You can understand why the rest of us look at Afia and Kumchacha and think this Christianity thing must not be so great afterall if those two can also consider themselves holy.

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