“Women Are Servants And Not Slaves” — Prophet Badu Kobi

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi who is the founder and leader of Glorious Wave Church International has advised Ghanaian women never to marry poor men.

The Prophet in an interview with Akua Sonto on the ‘Sonto Show’ said:

“Every man is the head of the family and as a head; you must provide everything for the family.

“If a man is not financially sound, then he must not be in a relationship in the first place. Women are precious and must be kept as such”.

The Prophet attributing the increased rate of divorce in Ghana asked:

“How can you marry a guy who can’t feed you three times a day”?

Prophet Kobi continued that:

“Women are there to serve and not otherwise, so I urge every woman to be a servant and not a slave.

“Marriage is an institution and it is about understanding each other, so if there is no understanding between the two, then the marriage won’t work.

“Wives must be very submissive to their husbands if they want a fruitful and lasting marriage because husbands are the head of the family.

“Sex is very important, thus every woman must be honest and clear with her man, and you should tell him whether you are big or small because s*x plays a high pivotal role in every relationship”.

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