Yvonne Nelson Whose Baby Daddy Has Definitely Not Dumped Her Explodes On Bloggers — You Don’t Feed Me So Mind Your Own Business!

Actors and actresses need online support until they see something they don’t like, then all bloggers can go to hell.

Yvonne Nelson recently made news following the obvious disintegration of her relationship with Jamie Roberts. The duo deleted their photos from their respective pages, unfollowed each other and Roberts even posted a pic of his children with his ex.

Despite all that Yvonne maintains they haven’t broken up and in a recent interview has lashed out at bloggers speculating about her life.

According to her no one feeds her to be talking about her that way all the time.

“You are there saying what you want about my life. It’s my life, you don’t feed me, can you mind your own business?” she said on Joy Fm.

“So role models cannot get babies out of wedlock? What if I don’t want to get married and I just need a supportive partner?” she wondered.

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