Yvonne Okoro Wants You to Check Her Shaved Armpit—And the Princess with No Intestines and Ribs Called Shyngle Strikes Again

Yvonne Okoro has shared a photo of her neatly shaved armpit on Instagram—in her attempt to let her fans know she’s chillaxing and let us into her bedroom.

What’s missing on that bed is a man. I know Yaanom will scream “Patriarchy”.

Yvonne Okoro claims she woke up like this–I mean with all her make-up on. Some people must really hate their truth self to go to bed with their make-up on.

Princess Shyngle, the actress who squeezes the hell out of her stomach has shared another ridiculous photo—which she deems as beautiful.

As someone asked: does this girl has intestines or ribs? This is even scary!

Princess Shyngle

Yvonne Okoro


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