Arsenal legend Wright: Scholes would still be best player at United

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has made a bold claim that Manchester United great Paul Scholes could walk into the current United team.

Scholes has been critical of Louis van Gaal’s side of late and Wright shares his opinion and claims that the Red Devils have lost the fear factor of past.

The former Gunners star also feels ex-midfielder Scholes, now 41, would be the Red Devils’ best player.

“Scholes has been outspoken about his old side and I can’t disagree,” Wright told The Sun.

“If Scholesy pulled his boots on again, he’d still be the best player in the team, because the build-up is so slow.

“There’s just no fear about facing United any more.

“Van Gaal said supporters were deluded if they thought the days of domination would return but he missed the point.

“Fans want entertainment, a team which isn’t afraid to have a go, with players busting a gut and trying things.

“They’re not naive enough to think they will whack everyone like they did under Alex Ferguson. Those days have gone.

“Yet under Van Gaal they simply don’t look a good team. There isn’t the aura about them.”

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