Benni McCarthy: Mourinho perfect for Manchester United

South African legend Benni McCarthy is backing Jose Mourinho for success with Manchester United.

The former Chelsea boss is expected to take the United job next season according to several media outlets.

McCarthy, 38, played under Mourinho at Porto and believes the Portuguese boss is the only manager that can take on Guardiola’s tactics.

“Mourinho is one of those people who knows how to beat Guardiola’s tactics,” he told BBC Sport.

“When he was at Real Madrid, he beat him a couple of times. At Inter Milan, he also had success against him.

“At the moment, I can’t see anyone taking on Pep and his tactics at Manchester City.

“But Mourinho at United, he would have the resources, the players and the financial backing to beat Guardiola.”

The South African added: “Everywhere he has gone, he has been successful.

“The fans, the media, the people don’t know what went on behind closed doors at Chelsea and what caused the problems they had when he was in charge.”

“I certainly don’t think that experience makes him a bad manager.”

“The problems he has had of late seem to be due to personality clashes.”

“When you want more from your players and they think they can’t give you more, it results in a clash and players don’t play to the best of their ability.”

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