Body language expert examines Mourinho-Pogba clash

source: football365

A body language expert has detailed why the rift between Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba could have damaging effects on the whole squad.

Mourinho took the step to strip Paul Pogba of the vice-captaincy on Tuesday when he told the player but the Portuguese coach has insisted he doesn’t have to explain his decision.

Over the weekend, Pogba seemed to criticise Mourinho’s playing style as he urged the team to “attack” when playing at Old Trafford, despite thanking his manager the previous week in a sign of improving relations.

ESPN FC claim that Mourinho’s treatment of Pogba has ‘bemused many within the dressing room’ in the latest of a number of incidents.

Then, a clip emerged on Wednesday which appeared to show a rather tense exchange between the pair ahead of training.

Now, a body language expert has told the Metro that she believes Mourinho does have problems with Pogba.

Judi Jones said: “It would be difficult to see how these two men could forge a working relationship after performing such an obvious public stand-off and stare-down in full view of the other players.

“This body language could have destroyed the team pecking order and power base. Mourinho’s treatment of Pogba might have been guaranteed to get some kind of a response but not what looks like such a challenge to his authority as this.

“Pogba arrives looking chipper, greeting other players with slapping handshakes but then he freezes when he spots Mourinho.

“Mourinho clearly has no intention of greeting his player as his hands are initially stuffed in his pockets but the stare-down he gets from Pogba as he talks to him looks like the kind of tactics you see boxers use to intimidate their opponents at a weigh-in before a prize fight.

“Mourinho walks away behind Pogba but the player rotates his head to continue the stare-off.

“When Pogba walks away he performs an alpha swagger before placing his hands on his hips in a splaying gesture often associated with a state of aggressive arousal.”

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