Ed Woodward convinced Louis van Gaal to stay despite wishes for resignation

source: vavel

Manchester United Chief Executive Ed Woodward convinced manager Louis van Gaal to remain as manager of United despite the Dutchman asking to resign on a couple of occasions, according to multiple reports.

Van Gaal apparently told Woodward on two different occasions before Christmas that it was his wish to resign as manager of United as he felt he could no longer do the job, but was talked out of by Woodward who told him that he had the full backing of the United board.

Woodward seems to not want to admit that another one of his appointments has been wrong after David Moyes which isn’t good for anyone, but for now, he seems to want the Dutchman to continue, but if results get worse it would be hard for him to not take action.

Van Gaal has looked a defeated man over the last month or so, and you would think that Woodward would put him out of his misery, but so far it looks like he won’t get rid of him until top four is not reachable which isn’t good for the club.

There would be a couple of options for the club to take if Van Gaal does end up getting sacked such as Ryan Giggs and Jose Mourinho, and the club need to take action now that manager has said that he can’t fulfil the fans expectations which won’t go down well with the fans.

The fans booing at the end of the Southampton game would have been the first time properly that Woodward would have taken notice of the real disharmony within the ground, and for now, Van Gaal still has a job.

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