Ex-Aston Villa boss Lambert: Man Utd kid Rashford just not that good…

Former Aston Villa boss Paul Lambert has had a pop at Manchester United superkid Marcus Rashford.

Lambert is not convinced his form will last, despite earning an England call-up to the Euros, and feels he will be more vulnerable to criticism with age.

“That kid’s playing without fear,” Lambert said. 

“You put him in as a main No.9, carry the can, then you judge him, but he’s playing without fear.

“Wayne Rooney is carrying him, Michael Carrick is carrying him – people carry you when you’re young.

“When you’re a young player you can make as many mistakes as you want and you know the critics won’t be too harsh on you.

“When you become 22, 23, 24 and you start to become a main player, then you’re open to being criticised.”

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