Ex-United winger Chadwick: Keane could make your life a living hell

Former Manchester United winger Luke Chadwick has spoken of his time playing with Roy Keane.

Chadwick admitted that if you weren’t at your best, the Irishman would always let you know about it.

“He was one of those in training, if you were on his team and you weren’t performing, he’d make your life a living hell,” Chadwick told fanzine Red News.

“It didn’t matter who you were.”

“You could be a young kid trying to work your way up or a world star, he’d tell you in no uncertain terms.”

But Chadwick added: “He’d look after us with contracts and things like that.

“He used to pick me up occasionally for training and take me home.

“He was a really great guy and I cannot thank him enough for everything he did for me.”

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