Nani treasures his Manchester United Champions League winning moment

Fenerbahce ace Nani treasures his contribution in Manchester United’s 2008 Champions League success in Moscow.

Nani says his penalty shoot-out spot kick success that helped beat Chelsea in Moscow 2008 is a great example for up and coming footballers.

“When you are on the bench you dream about getting on the pitch because it’s a final, it’s the biggest moment. And then I had this opportunity.”

“I came on in extra time and then scored a penalty, and I’m so happy to know I was part of that success and that story of a big club,” says the Portuguese international.

“It was a great experience. It shows kids that they have to prepare for when they don’t play, because in one day, in one game, in five minutes, your life can change.”

“I was bleeding from the head, because me and Ashley Cole had crashed into each other, but at that moment all the tension went away because I knew I had to score since Ronaldo had missed his.”

“I took it with confidence, but Petr Cech went the right way and nearly saved it. When I saw the ball go in, it was a very good feeling.”

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