Fenerbahce striker Van Persie: The week I realised how special Fergie was…

Fenerbahce striker Robin van Persie has spoken of his time at Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Dutch striker has spoken highly of his former manager, while also recalling a time when he experienced the wrath of Ferguson.

“I played with him for one year but it was a very special year: we won the league!” Van Persie told UEFA.com.

“The road to that title was very special. I could tell he’s a really special manager.

“One little example: When we were 15 points ahead, it was in February or March – we lost against City. We could have gone 18 points clear but still we were in a very good position.

“He was very hard on us, very angry. He made everyone aware that everybody had to give their all.

“The training was very hard that week, he was almost punishing us. We were 15 points ahead! But that showed me he was a really good manager.”

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