Ferdinand: I see myself in Everton defender Stones

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand sees a lot of himself in Everton defender John Stones.

Ferdinand believes Stones will improve with time and that the Englishman should be given leeway to make mistakes.

He said: “I see comparisons in myself and Stones. He is making mistakes similar to me in my first two years when I started out at West Ham.”

“But that was part of my learning curve and as long as you learn that the mistakes can’t be repeated on a regular basis and you keep improving on that, then I think you’ve got to be able to experiment.”

“At the same time, I was allowed to make mistakes at West Ham because they believed in me as a player and they believed I was improving.”

“I became a better player for it. I don’t know if John is being afforded that time and that leeway at the moment – I think he is by his manager.”

“There’s a lot more interest in the players nowadays and a lot more goes on with social media that I don’t think he’s been afforded the time and I don’t think that’s helping his cause or our young players coming through.”

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