Ferdinand urges Manchester United players to handle Liverpool abuse

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has urged the players to embrace their Europa League tie with Liverpool.

Ferdinand believes there are fewer satisfying feelings for a United footballer than winning at Anfield.

“As a United player, going to Anfield and turning them over — well, there is no sweeter feeling in football,” Ferdinand told The Sun.

“You come off that pitch, look at the home supporters and see them dejected. I have done it quite a few times.

“Before Liverpool v United games, when you go on the school run, walk down to the shops or go anywhere locally, you are reminded you need to win.

“The importance of those games isn’t lost on anyone involved — and these things go through your head when you play.

“You know you have to walk down the street the next day. So if you lose, you have to take criticism.

“If you handled my Twitter page for a day, leading up to one of those games, you would become quickly aware how volatile it can be with fans. Abuse is part of the game, you just have to accept it.

“If you don’t, you shouldn’t be a footballer.”

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