Former captain Keane ‘saddened’ by Manchester United

Ex-Manchester United skipper Roy Keane has stated that he is saddened by the current state of affairs at his former club.

United did not put up much of a resistance and were knocked out of the Europa League Round of 16 at the hands of fierce rivals Liverpool on Thursday night to compound what has already been a fairly disappointing season.

Former club captain Keane has not been impressed by what he has seen of United over the last few years and has stated that a lack of leaders on the pitch is really hurting the Red Devils.

Speaking on ITV, Keane said: “I’m really saddened by what I’ve seen of United over the last year or two. It’s like a bunch of strangers have been thrown together. When you play for United and you put that jersey on, I always felt 10-foot tall.

“But when you see these players, some of them look like they’re shrinking with the jersey on, whether it is the pressure or not. If you’re playing for United, you have to deal with that pressure and expectation and this group of players are certainly struggling.

“I know they have had injuries. It goes to show how important Wayne Rooney is to this club. I’m looking at the characters. Where are the leaders in this group? Even tonight when they weren’t quite at it and were chasing, trying to get back into the game.

“Liverpool could’ve scored five or six goals easily. You have to use your head and your brain. That is where the leaders and characters come into it and we’re not seeing it.”

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