Fortune: Matic can be Manchester United’s Makelele

Former Manchester United midfielder Quinton Fortune has likened new signing Nemanja Matic to France World Cup winner Claude Makelele.

Fortune competed against Makelele during their time in the Premier League and the Frenchman made a deep-lying position his own, with his intelligent and selfless work drawing widespread praise.

The South African said: "He's a very good player. Someone knows the Premier League and, obviously, the manager knows him so he is someone who can fill in for Michael Carrick.

"He's a fantastic addition to the team and I'm really looking forward to someone who can screen in front of the back four. He plays the role perfectly, like a Claude Makelele role, and, at the same time, can play as well.

"He is a really, really strong player who strengthens the squad and gives us a better chance of winning the league this season. So I am excited to see if he's involved tonight and how he does."

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