Ibrahimovic: ‘I will be a God in Manchester’

source: football365

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has responded to Eric Cantona’s words about his status at Manchester United.

Last week, Cantona welcomed Ibrahimovic to Old Trafford, but made the point of reminding the Swede of his own reputation in Manchester.

“I have a personal message to Zlatan,” said Cantona. “You have decided for United and it is the best choice you’ve ever made.”

 But one last thing, there can be only one king in Manchester. You can become a prince if you want and jersey number 7 is yours if you are interested. It is my welcome gift to you.”

Not to be outdone in the egomaniac stakes, Ibrahmovic has responded in kind:

“I heard what Cantona said and I congratulate him because I have always admired him,” Ibrahimovic said.

“But he should know that I should not be king of Manchester. I will be a god in Manchester.”

Next week: ‘Cantona: “I am the double-God of Manchester.”‘

Week after: ‘Ibrahimovic: “Well I am the triple-God of Manchester.”‘

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