Jose ‘manhunt’: If there is a problem with Brexit, it’s my fault

source: football365

Jose Mourinho thinks some of his Manchester United players are struggling with the “manhunt” against him.

The Portuguese manager has come under intense scrutiny recently surrounding team results, his relationship with Paul Pogba and the apparent disharmony at the club.

However, that was somewhat eased tonight as United avoided an embarrassing defeat to Newcastle by coming from two down to win 3-2 thanks to second-half goals from Juan Mata, Anthony Martial and Alexis Sanchez.

“I go to London tonight, if it rains in London tomorrow, it’s my fault. If there is a problem with Brexit, it’s my fault,” Mourinho told BT Sport.

“It is not easy for them [the players]. For me it is not easy too but I think life is made of experiences. Some are new and some are deja vu.

“This is new, it makes me not just a better manager but even a better person. I understand things in the human nature nowadays and in the industry where I work, I used to love it, I still love it is but it is different.

“There is too much wickedness in something that should be beautiful. I cope with it with some sadness. I am a mature I am a big boy and I will deal with it.

“Not substitutions, it is mentality it is desire, it is commitment. As I used to say nobody is important, only the club. It is not about me or the players. It is about the club. In the second half the players gave absolutely everything, they had nothing more to give.

“I am 55 years old. It is the first time I see man hunting. I can cope with it. I can live with it. Some of the boys, in spite of them not being the man that is hunted, they are not coping well with it. The way we started game they were panicking. Every ball into the box, even in some moments I thought we could score in our own goal.”

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