Juan Mata wants Champions League for Manchester United

source: vavel

Juan Mata says that he is desperate to try and help Manchester United be in the Champions League next season as that’s where they are supposed to be every year.

United have been heavily criticised for the way that they were eliminated in the group stages of this season’s Champions League group stages. Mata, though, has said that his criticism is part and parcel of being part of such a big club as United.

Mata, in an interview with Sky Sports, said “there’s always that possibility of criticism when you’re playing for a club like Manchester United, you have to win every game” and when you don’t the criticism starts and everyone starts writing of the club’s chances of getting where they want to be.

The Spaniard continued to say “you have to deal with it and you have to face it as a professional footballer and just focus on what you have to do. ” The best way to answer all the critics is to start winning a huge amount of games in a row.

United have responded by winning their last four games in a row and can make it five against West Brom at the weekend. Mata feels that momentum and confidence are the key for the team going forward and he says United should always be in the top-four.

On United trying to get a top-four place, Mata said “top four is where I think Manchester United should always be. And now we have two ways to get there” so it shows that team is taking the Europa League very seriously and the players can’t wait to do battle with Liverpool.

Mata continued on to say “we’ll try until the end of the season to get this club where it deserves to be and that is in the Champions League” as it is painful for the players and the fans when the club doesn’t manage to achieve it. Mata knows “we need to win almost every game to do that until the end of the season”.

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