Klopp: City could have scored 6 v United – it’s not over

source: football365

Jurgen Klopp has implored Liverpool not to think their Champions League tie against Manchester City is over.

Liverpool hold a 3-0 lead in the quarter-final after their first-leg demolition of the Premier League leaders.

They travel to the Etihad Stadium on Tuesday knowing just one goal would require City to score five to reach the semi-finals, but Klopp says there is work to do.

City lost a second successive game on Saturday as they capitulated against Manchester United, but Klopp says that game simply proved how dangerous they can be going forward.

“I am not interested in labels like ‘favourites' or ‘underdogs’. That is common sense,” Klopp said. “The whole game is about these legs. We are only in the lead. No problem with that, better than I could have expected. But there is a lot of work to do.

“We want to go and score goals and have won the game at the final whistle. Nothing has changed. We are only in the lead. You all know there is a lot of work to do. That is why we are here and not thinking about who is now favourite.

“We have the chance to go to the next round but I don’t think we are already through. In football there is always the chance to strike back. Nothing is fixed. We have the chance to win. That should be the target.

“I bet Barcelona don’t think they are through against [Roma]. They have a chance to strike back. People think Liverpool have a chance to get through or they will lose. Nothing is fixed.

“City are human beings, thank God. They have had two results no-one expected but we had to play our best. United had a bit of luck and used it – City could have scored five or six.

“If you saw the first half against United, City maybe should have scored six goals – that quality isn't a surprise for us.”

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