Larsson: Man Utd is a huge challenge for Ibrahimovic

Sweden legend Henrik Larsson concedes that playing for Manchester United will be a huge challenge for Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

However, Larsson, who enjoyed a brief loan spell at Old Trafford in 2007, is hopeful that his former national teammate will be able to live up to the expectations at his new club.

“Yes, it is a huge challenge,” said the current Helsingborgs manager. “It’s one of the best leagues, if not the best league in the world, and it has a lot of players with quality. So you need to perform week in and week out.

“There are also the English cups to play in and you want to be able to do something in Europe as well so there are going to be a lot of games.”

“But, as I said, he’s fit and he likes to train. You have got a great physical department at United as well so I’m sure everybody is going to make it happen in the best possible way for the club.”

“What I remember of him, although it was a long time ago when we played, was that he used to train hard and train well. I expect he’s still doing that, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to play football at that level at that age.”

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