Liverpool boss Klopp: Van Gaal’s job not on the line today

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp can’t see Manchester United sacking Louis van Gaal.

There’s talk of Van Gaal losing his job should United suffer defeat at Anfield today, however the Kop boss believes sacking Van Gaal is not the solution.

Klopp said: “Life is not always nice. I know the whole world is watching football managers and thinking, ‘They are really well paid, so no one cares about a manager’s feelings’.

“I know Louis is not too happy with the media at the moment. But I think in life it is important sometimes to switch and think about how it would be on the other side.

“OK, fine, you would have all this money if you were a manager but also all this pressure so it is not nice. If you want to change things in football it is not OK that you think, ‘Bad, bad, bad — go’. That is not a change.

“I will not have changed as a human being but you are not interested in this.

“That’s no problem. We are not friends and I am only interested in what my friends and family think about me. It’s fine. But it’s not like this where the sun is shining every day as a football manager.

“If that (sacking the manager) was the solution I think Manchester United would have done it. But it is not a solution so they have to carry on.

“It’s like with you with me when I came here. First it’s “yeah!” (thumbs up) then it’s ‘errm’ (thumbs to the side) then it might be ‘ooh’ (thumbs down); so then I am alone on the sideline.

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