LVG highlights importance of United Champions League progression

Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal has stated that exit from the Champions League during the group stages would certainly not be ideal.

United square off against German side Wolfsburg at the Volkswagen Arena on Tuesday night and if the Red Devils are unable to claim a victory, there is a strong chance that they will be eliminated from Europe’s elite club competition.

Van Gaal is aware of the predicament United find themselves in and has stated that a potential exit will be ‘bad’ for the entire club.

“We don’t want to be eliminated.”

“But in sport it is always possible. You can’t win every year or every game. It’s not like that,” said the Dutchman.

“It’s a very important game for us at this moment because of the situation.”

“We are not scoring out of many chances and we have to score at Wolfsburg.”

“Because of that it’s an important game, that we score and come through in the Champions League.”

“The Premier League is not finished. It finishes in May, not now.”

“The Champions League, you could be out. And that is bad for everybody, for the club, for the players and for the manager.”

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