LVG is a cog that has ‘gone wrong’ at United – Coppell

Manchester United legend Steve Coppell believes Red Devils boss Louis Van Gaal is primarily to blame for United’s less than inspiring Premier League campaign so far.

United currently sit in fourth spot on the competition ladder, but have been heavily criticised for their unimaginative style of play under van Gaal’s tutelage, which has seen them score just 21 goals in 16 matches this season.

“Success in football is relatively easy,” Coppell told BBC’s Sportsweek.

“If you spend the most money, then you buy the best players and you have the best team.”

“If that formula breaks down then a cog has gone wrong and the cog that has gone wrong appears to be the manager.”

“Injuries have to be taken into account but why so many injuries?”

“There has been talk of training being too intensive. If the squad can’t take it, then it should be eased up.”

“The philosophy that Louis van Gaal has talked about for so long, it’s difficult to distinguish what that is.”

“The players sometimes do not really understand what he’s trying to get through to them.”

“Some of his substitutions are puzzling. On Saturday there were three senior players on the bench but a handful of untried and untested players were given preference.”

“It’s difficult to see what route he’s going down.”

“The fans have great knowledge because they watch every week.”

“It’s not pleasing on the eye. When it is effective you can justify it. When it’s not effective then you look for excuses.”

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