Manchester United icon tells Rashford to ignore ‘all this sh*t’

source: football365

Rio Ferdinand wants Marcus Rashford to ignore “all this sh*t” about his standing at Manchester United.

Rashford’s future at United has been one of the main talking points over this past week, with Jamie Carragher suggesting he should join Everton for more first-team opportunities as a striker.

Jose Mourinho’s response was to dedicate almost an entire press conference to pointing out how many minutes Rashford plays in comparison to other young English players.

That led to Carragher issuing a rebuttal of his own to extend the argument further, but former United defender Ferdinand wants the teenager to cancel out the noise surrounding him.

“It goes back to the young players of today, has Rashford got the fight in him?” he asked. “You have to put it on Rashford’s toes.

“Have you got the fight to say ‘Hold on, I don’t care who you are bringing in. Sanchez doesn’t know this club like me. I’m Man United through and through, these fans want me to play. I’m determined to make sure this manager knows I’m going to get my foot on that pitch as a starter. Not as a sub’.

“You ask any player, coming on as a sub – that means nothing. I see that as disrespect.

“He needs the right people around him, talking to him. Don’t let all this sh*t come in and mess with your mentality.

“Obviously his confidence takes a bit of a hit because he thinks ‘I’m not starting all these games, I think I should start’.

“What he has got to do now, which is difficult, is send messages to the manager saying ‘I am the man. You keep buying these players, why are you buying them?’

“Harry Kane starts every game. Kylian Mbappe starts every game. Wayne Rooney started every game. Michael Owen started every game.

“I can come on for ten minutes every game. But I want to walk out on that pitch as the starter. That’s when you know. You want to say ‘If you want to win every game, gaffer, I should be starting’.

“I don’t think it is all Mourinho’s fault. And I don’t think it is all Rashford’s fault. I think there’s a balance.”


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