Richard Arnold: Van Gaal’s side makes us cry

source: football365

Manchester United managing director Richard Arnold says the silver lining to a pretty cloudy season has been the emergence of youngsters at the club.

Under-pressure manager Louis van Gaal has given first-team debuts to eight Academy players – including derby winner Marcus Rashford – and that has been the source of great pride at the club despite their Champions League exit and struggle to finish in the top four.

“I’m really excited about the young players,” Arnold told CNBC.

“I think the thing that’s come through this year is you have seen the success of our academy system and the way it has worked and you see the young players coming through.”

“There’s a whole army of people in tears, seeing a player score the first time and that’s an important part of what are and we’re all set for the future.”

“We’re committed to making sure we’re playing the highest levels. No one likes losing, it’s not something that the club sets out to do.”

“I think that is something we have seen in the last two or two and a bit years, it has been tougher than some of the preceding years but what we have seen is an amazing group of fans.”

“We are 140 years old and we had amazing times in my 10 years at the club. I have been to three Champions League finals. We won a lot of Premier League titles.”

“We have had amazing days and we have not so amazing days. Sunday was amazing, the Thursday before was pretty heart-wrenching and one of the things that is fantastic about both the sport and then our fans is uncertainty is what makes it fantastic.”

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